Sunday, May 29, 2011

and so it begins

Let's bake. All summer.

For those of you who don't already know, I am in law school and, while I am currently in a summer session, I still have that pesky reading to do. While my summer is technically being postponed until mid-July, I am not letting tiny details like school, or endless reading, or, hell, even the obnoxious limitation of twenty-four hours in a day prevent me from reaching personal glory and satisfaction. I will become a legend. And by legend, I mean someone with an active hobby. Yeah, law school is that bleak.

Therefore, my conscious object this summer is to bake as much as possible. My guilty pleasure during the normal school year is to bookmark endless recipes. While I do not anticipate that past time ending any time soon, I would like to make some progress and actually make some of those tasty treats.

Oh, did I mention I don't actually want to eat 5 dozen cookies in one sitting or a whole cake by myself? Okay, fine, you caught me - that is a bold faced lie. So sue me. I do want to eat all of that and more. But something called my metabolism (yawn) refuses to let me do so without dire consequences. So I plan on forcing my treats on to unsuspecting friends. And strangers. The latter should be even more interesting. But just know that taking cookies from a stranger is different than candy from strangers, as a general rule. Any run of the mill creep can go to the corner store and pick up some Hot Tamales or Skittles; it takes a really special person to make cookies to lure in strangers. Or just a creep with a plan. Should I clarify that I am not a creep? You knew that. Moving on.

Well, now that you have the general idea, let me know what I should make. Or if you want me to send you some baked goods. For real. This isn't one of those ploys where I say its free and then I send you a bill if you don't return the baked goods within 30 days. You are free to consume them with joy and merriment, without repeatedly glancing over your shoulder. Unless you have some sort of tick, in which case I am sorry for bringing it up. Maybe some brownies will help you forget. Let me know. Let's not get off on the wrong foot.

Oh and I am also open to bartering. I think I should start acquiring the barter skill now, before the impending zombie apocalypse, so that I will have a better idea of what things are worth beforehand. Because there is nothing worse than getting ripped off in a barter exchange. Scratch that - being eaten by a zombie is totally worse. But getting ripped off sucks, too.

Wow - this post has gone on for quite some time. Let's promise that I won't do this next time in exchange for you reading my post next time. Deal?

(I never said it was a good deal on your part. Unless I sweeten the deal with cobbler; see above)

Oh, and you probably are wondering about the blog name. My theory is that lots of things don't always make sense (see law school). Additionally, I am pretty sure that the world is going mad. But, you know what? Cake is pretty much as sane and sensible as it gets. Unless that cake starts talking to you about being a pie. Then I would definitely be forced to question that cake's sanity (and yours, as well. Stop talking to cakes, you wierdo.)

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Erin=) And you're absolutely right, cake is pretty much as sane and sensible as it gets! Looking forward to reading your posts.